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Quebec Skilled Worker Program’s Arrima portal is now open

The new online portal for the Quebec Skilled Worker Program, known as Arrima, is now in service.

Effective from september 2018/09-18, candidates who are interested in obtaining Canadian permanent residence through the Quebec skilled worker Program can express their interest to the Government of Quebec by creating a profile using Arrima.

Quebec’s Immigration Ministry, MIDI, says it will issue invitations to “those who meet certain criteria, focusing mainly on labour market needs in the different regions of Quebec.”

Anyone issued an invitation will then be able to apply to the Government of Quebec for a Quebec Selection Certificate (Certificat de séléction du Québec, or CSQ).

Once a Quebec Selection Certificate is awarded, individuals can submit a complete Canadian permanent residence application to Canada’s federal government.


Unlike the QSWP’s previous first-come, first-served model, there is no cap on the number of candidates who can enter the QSWP bank.

In order to submit a profile, the only requirement is to be at least 18 years of age.

However, in order to be eligible for selection, candidates will have to meet passing scores for employability and selection factors in accordance with the QSWP point grid.

Registrants have 30 days to complete their profile, which will remain valid for one year.

Candidates in the EOI pool can update their profile with new information or to revise the information provided at any time during the 12-month validity period.

Those invited by Quebec to apply for a Quebec Selection Certificate have 90 days to submit a complete application.


As of August 2nd 2018, Quebec operates a new Expression of Interest system under its Quebec Skilled Worker program, called Arrima. It functions in a similar way as the federal Express Entry system and replaces the former first-come, first-served process.

The system is designed to allow candidates with the best credentials to get to the front of the line for Quebec economic immigration.

According to Quebec Ministry ot Immigration, diversity and Inclusion (MIDI), the new portal Arrima is ready for opening in September 2018.

How Does Quebec Expression of Interest Work?

Candidates submit an online expression of interest profile to the MIDI.

Profiles enter into an Expression of Interest pool, where they are ranked against each other and are valid for 12-months.

Profiles will be classified in two categories: one for candidates who are living in Quebec or have a job offer and meet specific criteria, and the another for candidates living outside Quebec and meet specific criteria.

The highest-ranking candidates will receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for a Quebec Certificate of Selection under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program.

  • Quebec will conduct periodic draws, inviting candidates to apply for a Quebec certificate of selection (CSQ).
  • Candidates receiving an invitation have 90 days to submit a full application.
  • Approved candidates who receive a nomination certificate (CSQ) may then apply for Canadian permanent residence.

What Are the Requirements for Quebec Expression of Interest?

Candidates are ranked under many factors including education, work experience, age, language ability and time spent in Quebec. A valid job offer is also an important factor.

The qualifications of a candidate’s spouse or partner will also be considered.

Quebec publishes lists of High Demand Occupations and Areas of Training that could weigh considerably in the assessment.

These candidates will be ranked based on the following criteria:

  • Age
  • Level of education
  • Are of training in-demand, as published by the government
  • Diploma obtained in Quebec
  • Proficiency in French
  • Proficiency in other languages
  • Work experience in Canada or in the United States
  • Spouse/common-law partner’s qualifications: level of education and proficiency in the French language.
  • Transferability skills:
  • Level of education with French proficiency (either the main applicant’s or the spouse’s, depending on which score is highest)
  • Level of education with French proficiency and work experience in Canada or US
  • Foreign work experience with French proficiency
  • Foreign work experience with French proficiency and work experience in Canada or US
  • What Points Are Available Under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program?

    Quebec has not yet published the points structure of the selection criteria above.

    However, candidates selected to apply for a CSQ under the Quebec Skilled worker program must also pass the threshold for the Selection factors, which is 50 points for a single candidate and 59 points for a married candidate.

Quebec Immigration High Demand Occupation List

The following is a partial reference to the Quebec Immigration High Demand Occupation List.

The list of occupations provides applicants from outside Canada, who do not have intermediate french abilities, the best chances to qualify under Quebec rules.

  • Human Resources Managers (0112)
  • Banking, credit and other investment managers (0122)
  • Engineering Managers (0211)
  • Computer and Information Systems Managers (0213)
  • Administrators – Post-secondary Education and Vocational Training (0421)
  • Sales, Marketing and Advertising Managers (0611)
  • Manufacturing Managers (0911)
  • Financial Auditors and Accountants (1111)
  • Financial and Investment Analysts (1112)
  • Securities agents, investment dealers and brokers (1113)
  • Other financial officers (1114)
  • Human Resources professionals (1121)
  • Professional Occupations in Business Management Consulting (1122)
  • Human Resources and Recruitment officers (1223)
  • Assessors, Valuators and Appraisers (1314)
  • Physicists and Astronomers (2111)
  • Geoscientists and Oceanographers (2113)
  • Biologists and Related Scientists (2121)
  • Civil Engineer (2131)
  • Mechanical Engineers (2132)
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineers (2133)
  • Industrial and Manufacturing Engineers (2141)
  • Aerospace Engineers (2146)
  • Computer Engineers (Except Software Engineers and Designers) (2147)
  • Other Professional Engineers, n.e.c (2148)
  • Information Systems Analysts and Consultants (2171)
  • Database Analysts and Data Administrators (2172)
  • Software Engineers and Designers (2173)
  • Computer Programmers and Interactive Media Developers (2174)
  • Web Designers and Developers (2175)
  • Biological Technologists and Technicians (2211)
  • Biological Technologists and Technicians (2221)
  • Agricultural and Fish Products Inspectors (2222)
  • Civil Engineering Technologists and Technicians (2231)
  • Mechanical Engineering Technologists and Technicians (2232)
  • Industrial Engineering and Manufacturing Technologists and Technicians (2233)
  • Construction Estimators (2234)
  • Architectural Technologists and Technicians (2251)
  • Industrial Designers (2252)
  • Drafting Technologists and Technicians (2253)
  • Inspectors in Public and Environmental Health and Occupational health & Safety (2263)
  • Construction Inspectors (2264)
  • Computer Network Technicians (2281)
  • User Support Technicians (2282)
  • Systems Testing Technicians (2283)
  • Head Nurses and Supervisors (3151)
  • Registered Nurses (3152)
  • Medical Radiation Technologists (3215)
  • Medical Sonographers (3216)
  • Opticians (3151)
  • Licensed Practical Nurses (3233)
  • Other technical occupations in therapy and assessment (3237)
  • College and Other Vocational Instructors (4131)
  • Psychologists (4151)
  • Business Development Officers and Marketing Researchers and Consultants (4163)
  • Social Policy Researchers, Consultants and Program Officers (4164)
  • Other Professional Occupations in Social Science, n.e.c. (4169)
  • Community and Social Service Workers (4212)
  • Librarians (5111)
  • Archivists (5113)
  • Translators, Terminologists and Interpreters (5125)
  • Library and Public Archive Technicians (5211)
  • Graphic Arts Technicians (5223)
  • Graphic Designers and Illustrators (5241)
  • Technical Sales Specialists – Wholesale Trade (6221)
  • Sales Representatives – Wholesale Trade (Non-Technical) (6411)
  • Machinists and Machining and Tooling Inspectors (7231)
  • Tool and Die Makers (7232)
  • Heavy-duty Equipment Mechanics (7312)
  • Machine Fitters (7316)
  • Aircraft Mechanics and Aircraft Inspectors (7315)
  • Supervisors, food, beverage and associated products processing (9213)
  • Supervisors, Plastic and Rubber Products Manufacturing (9214)
  • Supervisors, Motor Vehicle Assembling (9221)
  • Supervisors, Electronics Manufacturing (9222)
  • Supervisors, Electrical Products Manufacturing (9223)
  • Supervisors, other Mechanical and Metal Products Manufacturing (9226)
  • Supervisors, Other Products Manufacturing and Assembly (9227)
  • Chemical Plant Machine Operators (9421)
  • Machining Tool Operators (9511)

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